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Euro KoF '02 and '03 announced

More old days blapping action for PS2 and Xbox.

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More than a decade after King of Fighters first stepped into the ring, Ignition Entertainment has announced the forthcoming arrival of two more instalments in the series on PS2 and Xbox.

First up there's King of Fighters '02, which features 39 characters, a healthy choice of game and practice modes, the return of three-on-three battles and something called an upgraded max-on power system.

King of Fighters '03 uses a different battle system, and gives you the option to tag fighters in and out in the middle of fights - or even in the middle of combos. There's also a bit more strategy involved with features such as the Tactical Leader System, which lets you choose who you want to lead your troops into battle.

There are 34 characters to choose from the start, with more to unlock as you progress - expect to see some evil alter egos of old friends, along with a few characters you might recognise from other SNK games.

KoF '02 will go on sale this June, with KoF '03 following in September. Both games offer online versus play via Xbox Live.

You'd like screenshots, wouldn't you? Have a gander at some '02 ones here and some '03 ones right here.

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