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GRAW 2 announced

Plus another Ubi seven for Wii.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has surprised us all with plans to release a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter sequel in the very near future.

Announced as part of the company's latest financial report (which raised sales targets after a 13 percent rise in first-half revenues, doncha know), all we know about GRAW 2 is that it's due out before the end of March 2007. Platforms and features have yet to be announced, although Xbox 360 is a safe bet after the first game's success there.

And if you were impressed by Ubi's pledge of seven titles to the Nintendo Wii launch, you'll be even more impressed to learn that it's got seven more on the cards before the end of March as well, mostly based on existing brands, although one will be something completely different apparently.

The only slight bad news is that Assassin's Creed and Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway will now be aimed at the company's next financial year, between April 2007 and March 2008. Then again, we never really expected to see them before April anyway, so I suppose that's a clean sweep for the good news. Hurrah.

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