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GT4 Mobile drifts into 2006

We're still holding.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As befits the series it joins, Gran Turismo 4 Mobile on PSP has been delayed until next year.

Sony confirmed the news in an update to its Japanese release schedule where it now lists the game simply as "2006". GT4 Mobile had previously been aimed at spring 2005, and Sony's been keeping quiet about it ever since it missed that season. And the next one.

Having not made an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show last month - despite a video presentation of Vision Gran Turismo for PlayStation 3 - the delay seemed to be solidified, and so it is. Developer Polyphony Digital hasn't issued a statement.

GT4 Mobile, according to series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, is aiming to transfer as much of PS2 title Gran Turismo 4's content to the Sony handheld as possible - including much of the underlying tech.

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