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PS3 is region-free (again)

For boxed and downloadables?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's top execs have reiterated that the PlayStation 3 will be region-free for games, although not for Blu-ray movies. We'll cry about that one later.

Wired's games-blog spoke to Phil Harrison, head of worldwide development, during the Tokyo Game Show and the big man said as much.

They also ran into Ken Kutaragi, whose keynote last week quietly announced a drop in the Japanese PS3 price and the inclusion of HDMI in the 20GB model worldwide.

Ken was a bit more elusive, but when asked whether downloadable games would be region-free as well as packaged games, SCE's president said there would be "no physical barriers in that case - only language barriers".

Sounds like a yes to us.

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