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Ninja Gaiden 2 still on 360?

Exclusivity in doubt.

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Back in April, we ran a story about EB Games listing Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Xbox 360. It seemed logical that the next instalment in the series would appear on Microsoft's next-generation console, since the first game was such a hit on Xbox.

But things got a little less clear cut following a report by US website IGN, which quoted Team Ninja leader Tomonobu Itagaki as saying the game was not a confirmed Xbox 360 title. All he would say was that Team Ninja wouldn't be fully committed to Ninja Gaiden 2 until work finished up on Dead or Alive 4.

And now the plot thickens. At the Xbox Summit in Tokyo, Itagaki announced no less than five Team Ninja titles planned for the 360 - but not one of them had the words "Ninja" or "Gaiden" in the title.

However, he did reveal that a "secret game" was in production alongside the named games (DOA4, DOA Xtreme 2, DOA Crode Cronus and a new action game titled Project Progressive). Could this be Ninja Gaiden 2? Well, it seems odd that Itagaki would keep it a "secret" since he's already mentioned the fact that NG2 is in development many times before...

Which leaves us, well, confused. Is Ninja Gaiden 2 heading to the PS3 or Revolution, perhaps, or will it appear on all three next-gen platforms? It's impossible to make the call at this stage - but we'll bring you more news as soon as we get it.

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