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DOA4, Code Cronus on Xbox 360

Team Ninja talks DOA4 and Code Cronus for next-gen. Also, Ninja Gaiden Perfect Edition?

Development of Dead or Alive 4 for Xbox 360 is taking up "90 per cent" of Team Ninja's time at the moment, according to Tomonobu Itagaki, one of the Xbox dynasty's fiercest proponents and "leader" of Tecmo's Team Ninja.

Speaking in the pages of Famitsu Xbox recently, Itagaki-san also said that Dead or Alive Code Cronus, one of his pet-projects about which relatively little is known, will now likely end up on Xbox 360 as well. Informed speculation points to an action-RPG of some sort.

Back on the subject of Dead or Alive 4 though, Itagaki-san says he has the content "completely finalised" in his head. "Originally, I thought up 300 ideas, and now it's reached the point of being narrowed down to maybe 30," he said. He even joked that some of the rejected ideas were "probably impossible even on next generation hardware".

Team Ninja, whose output since the first Xbox launched has been some of the most popular in Japan where the system has otherwise floundered, also has one last Xbox release in mind. Dubbed "Ninja Gaiden Perfect Edition" or "Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack Series", it's a package that will see Ninja Gaiden re-mastered to include content released via Xbox Live.

Details of all of these projects are now expected to turn up at E3 this month.