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PES6 tournament next month

At Arsenal's stadium in London.

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Konami and street-wear retailer Fenchurch are putting on a Pro Evolution Soccer 6 PS2 tournament at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in North London, the publisher said today.

With the game due out this Friday, you'll have a month to get yourself in shape before the 128-player tournament kicks off, with first and second round group stages followed by knock-outs and a final.

The tournament's taking place on 25th and 26th November and 9th and 10th December, with 1600 quid available as a cash prize, and an extra 100 in cash and vouchers from Fenchurch for the runners-up.

Entry will cost GBP 20 with food and drink provided, but if you want to take part you'd better get on an invite yourself - either by emailing your name, age, email address and the day you'd like to participate to or texting 07858 620 423.

Look out for our review of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 later this week.

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