Pro Evolution Soccer 6


Pro Evo to work with motion control tech

Seabass looking at Natal and PS3 wand.

PES6 PS2 now works on PS3

Online and all, says Konami.

PS3 PES6 online patch

Hopefully in next firmware update.

Pro Evo to work with motion control tech

Seabass looking at Natal and PS3 wand.

PES6 PS2 now works on PS3

Online and all, says Konami.

PS3 PES6 online patch

Hopefully in next firmware update.

PES6 demo on Live

It's all kicking off.

PES6 patched on Xbox 360

Should be smoother now.

Konami working on PES6 online

Apologises for problems.

UK Charts: PES6 holds off FIFA to go top

Fastest-selling 360 game in the UK.

Review | Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Solid on PS2, but the 360 version's doing a Robinson.

PES6 tournament next month

At Arsenal's stadium in London.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Hands-on with near-complete PS2 and 360 builds.

Pro Evo 6 dated for 360/PC/PS2

Less than a month to go.

PES coming to PS3 after all?

It's all so confusing.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

GC: Football fever in Germany. Again.

X360 PES to debut in Leipzig

Seabass is going and everything.

PES6 to debut at E3

Seabass' first time at the show.