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Konami blames PS3 spec change for loss of PES6 online

You can at least play offline.

Any of you hoping to continue playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 online using your shiny new PlayStation 3 will be disappointed to learn that the PS2 version can't do this yet.

Although Konami has confirmed that the single-player and versus modes in the PS2 game are compatible with PS3, it released a statement this afternoon saying that online play is incompatible.

The publisher blamed "alterations made to the console's hardware specifications" - certainly a reference to the loss of internal chips dedicated to PS2 emulation in the PS3 units manufactured for PAL regions.

Sony's backwards compatibility site currently lists PES6 as playing "with noticeable issues". Additional advice on playing PS2 games, posted along with the compatibility guide, notes that users should avoid the use of 60Hz and network modes "which may experience noticeable graphical corruption not present in the main game".

On the plus side, Konami said that it and Sony would let us know about changes "as soon as they occur", which suggests that they're not content to leave it at that. With no prospect of a PS3-specific PES game in the immediate future, we expect a solution is pretty high on Konami's agenda.

We imagine Sony's probably quite keen too, what with Xbox 360 having a version of its own.

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