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PES6 360 bundle next week

299 quid.

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Konami and Microsoft are teaming up on a Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Xbox 360 premium hardware bundle, due out on 27th October priced GBP 299.

Konami's busy hosting its annual Pro Evolution Soccer Media Cup tonight at the Emirites Stadium in London, and our men on the ground report that the above announcement's due to be made there very shortly.

For the sake of absolute clarity, the bundle consists of an Xbox 360 premium console (including one wireless controller, 20GB hard drive, 30-day trial for Xbox Live Gold, headset, component HD AV cable with SCART adapter, and ethernet cable) along with a copy of the game.

The PES6 bundle. People sold separately.

It's going to be sold in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Nordics, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal and Greece.

PES6 is also due out on PlayStation 2 and PC on the 27th, but is a next-generation exclusive on Xbox 360 - at least until next year.

Microsoft has arranged a similar exclusivity deal for FIFA 07, which is due for release on Xbox 360 on the same day.

Look out for our reviews of both in the days before release.

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