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Pro Evo 6 dated for 360/PC/PS2

Less than a month to go.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will be released on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC on 27th October, Konami announced today.

PSP and DS versions will follow "shortly after".

Judging by Winning Eleven 10 and the PES6 demos shown off in Leipzig this past August, the game represents a significant update over PES5 - most notably in the reduction in fouls for crowding players.

The 360 version will also boast "noticeably improved" AI over its counterparts, which will also see some improvement - in areas like AI players running into space - according to Konami. The 360 version also runs in high-def and widescreen.

PES6 will also feature several new licensed clubs including Manchester United, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and Olympiacos.

New licensed kits and squads will be included, too, for Czech, French, Australian, English, Italian, Argentinian, Spanish and Swedish national sides.

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