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WOW exp-pack named, detailed?

Nobody'll confirm, but specifics seem to be leaking pre-BlizzCon.

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With Blizzard's inaugural "BlizzCon" convention set to take place on Thursday and Friday, numerous sources are quoting details and posting screenshots of the much-hyped World of Warcraft expansion scanned from early runs of magazines - most notably one in Italy, which seems to have ripped the cat so thoroughly out of the bag that it's clawed half the lining out with it. Blizzard's refusing to comment, but we understand all will be revealed later this week.

According to reports, the expansion's called The Burning Crusade - something that most of the scans of mag front covers agree on - and takes place in the Outlands. The level cap apparently goes up from 60 to 70, and while there are no new classes there are two new races to meddle with, one for the Horde (Blood Elves) and one for the Alliance (TBC). If the work of the scanning types is to be believed, there's also a new mount available only to the Outlands, new starter areas and zones and a new profession (Jewelcrafting).

We're also told to expect upgrades to the graphics engine (a fifth more polygons for new content than old) and weather effects, and Blizzard is said to be exploring the potential to have cross-server Battlegrounds, i.e. PvP play. All of which is exciting news for WOW fans but only if it turns out to be true, which it sounds like it will, but in the absence of an official confirmation from cloak and dagger masters Blizzard is still open to debate. A spokesperson for the UK side of it all simply said, "we haven't announced anything on that yet" when quizzed this morning. Sly devils.

Doesn't really explain the screenshots though.

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