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PSP peripherals perpetuate pointless alliteration

Bigger battery and Action Replay.

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More accessories have been announced for Sony's PlayStation Portable as the machine gears up [charges up, more likely - Ed] for its European launch on September 1st, with Datel creating Action Replay MAX and an extended-life battery pack for the handheld.

Popular for its game-cracking cheat capabilities, Datel's long-running Action Replay series will be available for PSP, via Action Replay MAX. The accessory acts as a 64Mb memory card, with a USB 2.0 cable for PC connectivity, and the relevant software to manage game saves, MP3s and other downloadable media - supporting avi, mpg, mpeg, vob, wmv, mov, mpe and 3gp (but not capital letters?). It also provides a number of 'game enhancer Powersaves', which are transferred to the PSP, allowing a number of cheats and hacks for games.

We probably shouldn't point out that you can download stuff like that for US and Japanese PSP games.

Also from Datel is the X2 Battery, which offers double the capacity of the standard battery pack for the PSP, with up-to eight hours on a single charge, albeit in a slightly bulkier physical form.

Both peripherals will be available on the European launch day of the PSP, September 1st. Action Replay Max will cost GBP 29.99, while X2 Battery is GBP 34.99. They will be sold across high street retailers and the official CodeJunkies site.

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