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GTR 2 demo

Atari to distribute this September.

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SimBin has released a demo of its forthcoming racing simulation sequel GTR 2, giving you the chance to put some of its professed improvements to the test.

The demo gives you access to one of a pair of FIA GT class cars, with up to 15 CPU-controlled opposition racers to worry about, and the Barcelona GP circuit to race around. It weighs in at 312MB.

Meanwhile, Atari has announced that it will distribute the full game throughout Europe in September.

There's also an Xbox 360 version of the original GTR in development, which THQ is set to release next spring as part of a multi-game publishing agreement it announced at the start of May.

GTR and its sequel attempt to recreate the experience of racing as accurately as possible, and while obviously everyone says that, the consensus is that SimBin got closer than most with its first attempt.

The sequel will push things even further - even slight twists on the chassis will alter handling and physics, according to Atari - while a driving school will offer lessons on cornering, braking and overtaking, helping you to reach a greater understanding of how it all works than you would by simply roaring around each circuit and crying when you spin off after 500 metres.

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