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HD fans hassle Nintendo

Over Rev specs decision.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A group of high-definition TV fans have set up a new website campaigning against Nintendo's decision not to feature HD-TV support in the new Revolution console.

So far more than 7000 people have visited, which features details of how you can contact Nintendo, sample complaint letters and a forum.

The site was set up following an earlier statement by Nintendo America exec Perrin Kaplan that "at this time we will not support high-definition [on Revolution]."

Kaplan said this was in order to keep costs down for both consumers and developers, adding: "With the technology being built into the Revolution, we believe the games will look brilliant and play brilliantly. This can all be done without HD."

Not so, say the people behind 1080up, who feel so strongly about the matter they've even put together a range of merchandise - including t-shirts, mugs, badges and thongs - so you can display your displeasure with Nintendo at all times. They promise that all the profits will be used to help the campaign.

Rumours that the yet-to-be-revealed Revolution controller will be made out of bakelite and powered by clockwork are probably untrue.

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