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SEGA to tease E3 line-up

Starting tomorrow.

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Those teasing minxes at SEGA are planning to unveil their line-up of E3 titles one by one during the run-up to next month's traditional industry elbow-in-the-face-aganza.

Starting tomorrow just after midnight Pacific Standard Time - 8am in old money - SEGA will "take gamers on a virtual road trip" on its Road to E3 website.

What it'll begin with is anyone's guess - presumably the point - but the publisher hints that it might be prepared to talk about some unannounced games from the companies it's been busy cosying up to recently.

Those include the likes of Obsidian, Petroglyph and Silicon Knights - all of whom have been busying themselves at the behest of SEGA dollars (or rings, maybe - terms weren't disclosed) - as well as recent acquisitions The Creative Assembly, Secret Level and of course Sports Interactive.

Beyond what's on the "Road to E3", we should also expect to see a number of previously announced games from SEGA at E3 - with games like Yakuza, Phantasy Star Universe, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Chromehounds, Medieval 2: Total War, Sonic the Hedgehog next-gen, Fifth Phantom Saga, et al all likely to make an appearance in some form or other.

We'll let you know what they announce as soon as we do.

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