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THQ makes Stormbreaker games

Alex Rider on DS, GBA.

THQ is planning to make a couple of handheld games based on teen spy movie Stormbreaker, which is in turn based on the "Alex Rider" books by Londoner Anthony Horowitz.

There'll be a DS one from developer Altron, and a GBA version from Razorback. THQ has worldwide rights to develop and publish games based on the film.

Alex Rider's a teenage spy who gets involved with MI6 at 16 years old after his guardian dies, and even though we haven't read the books they're probably brilliant what with Horowitz having done Midsomer Murders.

The film's due out in the UK on July 21st, and the cast's full of recognisable names including Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke, Bill Nighy and Alicia Silverstone, while there should also be cameos for the likes of Robbie Coltrane and Stephen Fry.

The games should be out about the same time as the film.