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New Killzone PSP details

First-person perspective ditched.

Some new snippets of info have emerged regarding Killzone: Liberation, the first PSP instalment in the FPS series.

According to a report in OPSM2 magazine, the big news is that Liberation won't be an FPS at all - they're ditching the first-person perspective all together in favour of a third-person viewpoint.

It also seems that there will be a lot more stealth action involved, and you'll have to think a lot more tactically when making your way through missions than in Killzone PS2.

It's not all change though - once again you'll play as hero Jan Templar, albeit with a whole host of new weapons and attack options. And, once again, you'll be facing off with the scary old Helghast.

That's all there is to know at present, but you can expect some screenshots to turn up shortly. Killzone: Liberation is due out later this year.