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PSP firmware hits 3.10

Killzone PSP demo, too.

PlayStation Portable has been updated to version 3.10, bringing with it a handy-sounding volume adjustment tool for normalising sound levels across various media, and an option to conserve memory when using the Internet browser. We've certainly been crying out for that one.

The new firmware also presumably closes loopholes used by hackers to let people revert to older versions and use homebrew software. If you prefer to stay up to date rather than dirtying yourself, you'll want to head to Sony's website. And definitely not PSPUpdates.com.

As you'll see if you hit that link, there's also a Killzone: Liberation demo for anybody who fancies it. And if you find the demo entertaining, why not have a flick through our review to see whether the rest of the game lives up to it?

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