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Tenchu, Armored Core 4 details

Make your own ninja!

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As promised earlier this week, we've got some new details on From Software titles Tenchu 360 and Armored Core 4 for you.

According to good old Famitsu magazine, Tenchu 360 will feature a kind of Make Your Own Ninja mode where you can create a character from scratch. He'll start off weak as a kitten, well, a ninja kitten, but as the game progresses he'll gain strength, learn new skills and pick up more combat moves.

The Tenchu trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show said there were 60 million possible variables - presumably that's if you count all the various attributes, body parts and items available.

It's also been confirmed that the game will feature an online mode, in which you can use your customised ninjas, and there's a co-op Live mode so you can flip out with a friend.

As for Armored Core 4 - well, perhaps unsurprisingly, the game will revolve around customising mechs by messing about with a load of components. You can also alter the colour of components, and earn better parts by completing missions and earning bonuses.

According to Famitsu, Tenchu 360 and Armored Core 4 for 360 are out next summer, with a PS3 version of AC4 to follow. Both games are said to be about 10 per cent complete.

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