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Rainbow Six for Xbox 360?

The countdown begins.

A new countdown clock has appeared on the US Rainbow Six website - but just what is it counting down to?

Well, we reckon we've worked it out, since the clock started counting down at 360 hours. What's more, it will reach zero hour on March 6th, 2006 - that's written as 3/6/06 in American.

So, the answer is obvious - Sony's next-generation console also has a 3 in its title, so they must be announcing Rainbow Six for PS3! Or maybe the next instalment in the series will be called Rainbow Three Sixty! Or maybe they're doing an Xbox 360 version who knows.

Ubisoft declined to comment, stating only that we can expect "More news to follow." Guess we'll just have to keep wracking our brains until March 6th, then.