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Datel unveils chat client for PS2


Those cheat cart boffins at Datel have unveiled their latest PS2 peripheral - an instant messaging client.

Datel is calling it MAXim (geddit?), and it basically gives you access to a wide range of discussion groups and chat rooms, as well as allowing you to build up buddy lists and send private messages, recognising smilies and common chat commands, and generally behaving as you'd expect from an IM/chat client. There's an on-screen keyboard for the masochistic, and it also obviously supports USB compatible keyboards - including Datel's own "PowerBoard" offering.

What a peculiar little piece of software to release on the PS2, eh? Obviously it's "fully featured", which means optional forum-style avatars and a funky front end - as you can see from these screenshots - but other than that there doesn't seem to be a great deal to it. It doesn't seem to overlay existing PS2 games as you might perhaps expect or desire, and apart from full time moderators and a £14.99 it doesn't sound that different to PC chat programmes like MSN Messenger or mIRC.

Still, if you need a USB keyboard for your PS2 (perhaps you're sick of typing "STFU" with an on-screen keyboard), MAXim is bundled with the Datel Powerboard for just £19.99 at www.codejunkies.com. And if your younguns are starting to catch the IM bug, we can imagine there's something to be said for a chat system that's fully moderated and in plain view of the living room.

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