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Gangland demo released

Sim Sopranos?

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Whiptail Interactive (publisher of the execrable Postal 2, but we won't hold that against 'em) has released a 125MB demo of Gangland, a sort of RPG/RTS hybrid mafia simulation, which is due out in Europe this Friday for just over 20 notes.

The three-mission demo puts you in the role of Mario, a mafioso up and comer currently toiling around as a foot soldiers, and features a pair of conquest missions - including a tutorial - and one challenge mission from the full game - which features 16 of the former and 12 of the latter, along with 24 multiplayer maps for up to eight players.

Although we're normally a bit wary of these 'themed Sim City' sort of titles, it's difficult not to be a little curious about Gangland, which promises to let aspiring criminals work their way up the mafia hierarchy by setting up extortion rackets, bribing officials, stealing, killing, bootlegging, assassinating, bombing, building brothers and speak-easies, fostering ties with international crims and even marrying and fathering mini-wise guys.

You can download the demo from all the usual suspects. As ever, 3D Gamers has a torrent.

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