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UT2007 confirmed for PS3?

So says US PlayStation mag.

Epic Games has reportedly confirmed that Unreal Tournament 2007 will be coming to PlayStation 3 - and in spring 2006.

The January issue of the US PlayStation Magazine makes the claim, which would put the game on store shelves at or around the launch of Sony's next-generation console - assuming it actually manages to hit the spring window.

There's been plenty of speculation lately that it won't, of course - not least from EA super-boss Larry Probst, who said recently he reckons we'll see it later in 2006.

UT2007's announcement on PS3 isn't a huge surprise, of course, as Epic's been a big supporter of PS3 so far - even appearing at the console's unveiling at E3, where cofounder Tim Sweeney showed off a tech demo running on a devkit.

That's not to say Epic's not keeping its options open of course, and its Unreal Engine 3 technology is certainly the basis of games on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Indeed, Epic's own Gears of War is expected to be one of the biggest original titles on Microsoft's next-gen platform.