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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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More on Gears PC rumours

MS bloggers kick off about it.

The Microsoft blogging corps has comprehensively dismantled rumours that Gears of War is on its way to the PC.

Well, they've comprehensively dismantled the supposed evidence anyway - although, as we said at the weekend, anyone who imagined that a "Games for Windows" graphic with a Gears of War box quietly tucked into the make-up was anything other than an errant mock-up was losing it a bit anyway. And so it turns out:

"Yes, Microsoft provided the image that is published in the Games for Windows cover story in the Holiday issue of PC Gamer magazine.

"Yes, this image contains what looks to be box shots of Gears of War with the Games for Windows branding bar on the box art.

"NO, this is not a confirmation, leak, tease, or sly viral attempt to announce, confirm, or admit that Gears of War will be published for Windows," says the Gamerscoreblog, having asked everyone to "put the rumours to rest, please" (an interesting variation, you might note, on "Microsoft does not comment on rumour and speculation", which is what they usually say when they're trying to cover up an actual leak).

So what's the story behind the graphic? Do you really care? If you do, fill your boots.