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Gears of War for PC?

Rumours erupt again.

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Gears of War's release on Xbox 360 has led to an inevitable revival of the "Gears of War for PC" rumours.

On Friday, the friendly-sounding "You NEWB" blog displayed a scan allegedly taken from PC Gamer magazine showing a "Games for Windows" shop display unit with a Gears of War PC box lurking in amongst the new releases.

Naturally Microsoft's had nothing to say about the matter, while Epic Games' forum moderators have steered people off the topic by pointing out, "Nothing's been announced yet."

It's not the first time that Gears has been mooted for PC of course. Back at E3 2005, when J Allard was still doing Xbox press, the console's evangelist-in-chief claimed Gears was "Xbox and PC" - a claim that Epic's Mark Rein then had to swat away a few weeks later.

"Could we, in the future, adapt Gears for Windows just as Microsoft did with Halo?" Rein said at the time. "Sure we could and, as you can see from J Allard's comments, Microsoft is clearly cool with that idea. But we're a long way off from thinking about that."

Presumably they're not so far off thinking about that now - but a mock-up of what a Games for Windows shop display might look like is still a long way from being any kind of confirmation.

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