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Naughty GTA screens faked

According to Rockstar.

Following the emergence of "leaked" screenshots purporting to be from the first PS3 GTA game - complete with all manner of naked bits and naughty business - Rockstar has issued Eurogamer with a fervent denial that the pics are anything to do with them.

Internet reports have implied that Rockstar deliberately released the screenshots in a bid to stir up controversy - but the publisher told us such reports were "inaccurate."

"I'm not sure where they got that information from, but it is patently false," a spokesperson said. That's that then.

But you can't blame our old friend Internet reports for thinking Rockstar might be trying to wind a few people up - after all, the publisher recently sent Miami-based lawyer and scofflaw-eater Jack Thompson into a right old frenzy with spoof website Citizens United Negating Technology. Rumours that the steam has stopped coming out of his ears now have yet to be confirmed.