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Activision goes retro on PSP

Compilation due this year.

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Fresh from announcing GUN Showdown, Activision's leapt onto the retro compilation stagecoach with the promise of Activision Hits Remixed for PSP.

Promising a mixture of games from the days of Atari 2600, Hits Remixed will also allow players to take part in two-player games over wireless networking using just the one disc.

Pitfall, Kaboom, Chopper Command, Stampede and Keystone Kapers are all primed for inclusion, with a total of over 40 planned, and Activision's also promising to include full game manuals on the UMD, along with "a host of retro unlockables".

The whole thing will be put together with a "modernised front-end" and a "rockin' '80s themed soundtrack", and should be released in the US at least this autumn.

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