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SEGA up for Revolution

Classic titles to go next-gen.

SEGA has announced plans to show strong support for Nintendo's next-gen Revolution console, confirming that classic titles are more than likely to make an appearance on the platform.

"The Nintendo fan, I think, is very similar to the SEGA fan of old," SEGA's Simon Jeffrey told Nintendo Power magazine.

"I think SEGA and Nintendo have similar software philosophies. A product like Sonic is very family oriented. It's all about entertainment rather than trying to be controversial or anything like that. It's pure, good old-fashioned entertainment."

"We're very excited about the prospects of Revolution," he continued.

"The Nintendo platforms have been great for Sonic and the classic franchises. We think Revolution can absolutely be the same."

So which classic franchises in particular, eh? So far the rumour mongers have suggested that next-gen versions of Shinobi and Panzer Dragoon are in the works, but SEGA is keeping schtum.

"We're looking at which of our classic IPs are appropriate for different platforms," Jeffrey said.

"We're very interested in Revolution at the moment. We obviously haven't made any announcements, but we, like other people, are talking with Nintendo about what Revolution will be, about potential opportunities on Revolution."

Hmm... the potential opportunity to offer old days SEGA games for download, perhaps, as Nintendo already plans to do with its own back catalogue? Just speculation of course, but quite an interesting thought...