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EGTV: Moore rubbishes PS3 pad

MS thought of it first, apparently. Watch the interview.

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Xbox boss Peter Moore has launched a scathing attack on Sony's decision to include motion sensing in the PlayStation 3 joypad at the expense of a rumble feature.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer TV (now showing), Moore compared the surprise initiative, revealed during Sony's pre-E3 press conference, to the Redmond giant's previous abortive efforts with its Sidewinder pad.

"At Microsoft we did the same controller six years ago - most people remember that,” Moore said. “The gamers' response was muted at best. We remember it being applicable to flying games in particular and some driving games but overall there was somewhat of a collective yawn from the gaming community about the motion sensing technology.”

And Moore could not resist a swipe at the controversial decision to remove the industry standard rumble feature from the PS3 pad, commenting: “The motion sensing, particularly at the sacrifice of force feedback - I'm not even sure that's a good trade off in itself.”

Microsoft's corporate VP also dismissed suggestions that motion sensing actually provided PS3 with an advantage over Xbox 360, giving developers a new opportunity to explore.

“I don't think it's a huge issue. I'm less worried that somehow people are going to ignore a 10 million unit head start because they want to do a game with motion control,” he insisted.

“But Sony's a great company and I'm sure they know what they're doing, and we'll see if the gamer reacts accordingly.”

Pricing proved the biggest talking point of E3, however, and Sony's confirmation of PlayStation 3 positioning has been met with barely-concealed delight by Microsoft executives.

“We were somewhat surprised that the price was actually announced,” Moore revealed. “When I remember the furore we got for 299 and 399 Euros, I can only imagine what's going on back home for 599 Euros for what looks to me like a platform that's on a par at best with some of the software we're showing.”

The full exclusive Peter Moore interview is now showing on Eurogamer TV. In the wide-ranging chat, Moore defends Microsoft's continued failure in Japan, discusses its HD-DVD strategy, the importance of GTA and much more. And don't forget to check out part 2, where Moore discusses the Eurogamer forum - he "loves the depth of thought" in there, apparently, even though he gets called rude names.

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