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Defcon set for September

Current aim.

What with all the excitement about E3 and the idea of getting two bank holidays in one month, we almost forgot that Defcon was originally meant to come out in April - and obviously didn't.

So, as soon as we gathered our wits, we sent an email over to the lovely fellows at Introversion, who confirmed we are not total idiots and that yes, it's clearly not out, but it will be fairly soon - the boys are currently aiming for September.

Defcon of course is, in deference to WarGames, about global thermonuclear war. You're trying to wipe out the other guy on a world map without giving him enough time to respond in kind. There's even a real time mode that you can keep going in the background at work.

According to Introversion, various "unforeseen circumstances" ganged up on them, prompting the delay, but development is still rumbling along splendidly.

It'd be easy to suggest that it was actually unforeseen drunken shouting at the entire games industry wot done it, but it seems more likely that they planned that, so perhaps they just fell over in the shower or something.

No matter - at least it's still on track for later this year. You can find out why we're excited about that by reading our interview with Introversion from a few months back.

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