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GameCube gets new exclusive

Oh. It's a Hello Kitty game.

The console that Just Won't Die is going back under the defibrilator this summer with the release of Hello Kitty Roller Rescue exclusively for GameCube.

The popular pussy's first 3D videogame is a third-person action-adventure where rival gangs fight for control of a gritty urban environment in a turf war which can only end in masses of gun-related deaths.

Oh, alright, it is in fact a third-person action adventure in which Kitty and her friends must explore cute and colourful worlds in a bid to save Sanriotown from Block-O, evil king of the Block Planet, and his naughty henchmen.

More than 20 Hello Kitty characters will appear in the game, which combines 3D environments with "sophisticated AI, zany character interactions and amusing puzzles." And some rollerskating, we'd wager.

GTA: Sanriotown - sorry, Hello Kitty Roller Rescue - will hit the shops in August.