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Far Cry demo

Dreaming of the beach...

Ubisoft has released a single-player demo of Crytek Studios' first-person shooter Far Cry, weighing in a 465MB and showcasing a single beach level from the ambitious and exotic adventure - starring an ex-soldier who wakes up on a desert island full of mercenaries bent on his demise.

You can download the demo here. You may see a larger archive kicking about in some places, but that's just buoyed by a full DirectX 9.0b distribution.

According to Ubi, the demo goes some way to showing off Crytek's vaunted CryENGINE, which promises dazzling environments, decent AI and the longest view-distance ever seen in an FPS.

Ubisoft is also planning to release a multiplayer demo of Far Cry sometime before game's release on March 26th. We'll let you know when that pops up.

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