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Sony announces PStwo

But it's not necessarily called that. It does have built-in networking though, and we have dates and photos.

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Sony has finally unveiled its worst kept secret besides PS3. A remodelled, slimmed down version of the PlayStation 2 - dubbed 'PStwo' by the press, but not yet referred to by that name in Sony's press literature - is due out this November 1st across Europe. It should retail for the same price as the original PS2 - around £99.99.

The new unit (model number SCPH-70000CB, fact fans) retains all the basic functions of the PS2 and includes the network port built into the unit - a sure fire sign that we'll never see the hard disk peripheral in Europe now if you were in any doubt.

As well as being a great deal slimmer (2.8cm thick as opposed to 7.8cm in the original unit; click here for some comparison pics with the old hardware), the PStwo is also only half the weight of its forebear. Sony reckons internal volume is down 75 per cent.

"We did it for PlayStation and now this time for PlayStation 2. This totally redesigned, network ready model will demonstrate that PlayStation has once again the design flair and innovation that has made PlayStation the world's best loved and most successful games console," SCEE president David Reeves said today.

"We are confident that the combination of a new, more affordable price point, the great Christmas line-up and now this stunning new PlayStation 2 model will encourage a whole new generation of consumers to experience the fun of PlayStation."

Reeves of course was the man who originally let slip about the existence of the PStwo in an interview that erroneously appeared on Sony's official website earlier this year.

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