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Nintendo to fix Lites for free

Admits to crack problem.

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Nintendo of Europe has told Eurogamer that any faulty DS Lite units will be repaired for free - providing the fault in question is covered under a valid warranty.

The news comes after Nintendo of America issued a press release acknowledging that a small number of DS Lite consoles are showing cracks in their plastic casing on the left hand side of the hinge on the console, just above the power connector. They did say that the flaw is extremely rare, though, affecting just 0.02 per cent of units.

NOA offered to repair any faulty Lites for free - and now Nintendo of Europe has followed suit, telling Eurogamer: "If someone experiences a problem with their DS Lite they should contact their local customer services department.

"The DS Lite carries a one year warranty for manufacturing defects. If the fault is covered under the warranty it will be repaired free of charge; if not, then customer services will provide a cost for repairing the product."

British DS Lite owners having trouble with their handhelds should contact Nintendo's customer service department on 0870 6060 247. The helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 7pm, and calls are charged at the national rate. Alternatively, you can email

If you're outside the UK, visit the Nintendo website for your country to find out details of your local customer service centre. A list of regional websites is available on

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