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Planet PSP named, dated

Now it's Passport To...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Planet PSP, a software package for Sony's portable based on the Lonely Planet travel guides, has been renamed Passport To... and will be released on September 15th.

The new title reflects the fact that it's a range of releases for cities including London, Rome, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam (wot no Enfield?), and each will be stocked with tips on things to do and see that you can read off your PSP.

During E3, Sony announced that the guides tell you about the best restaurants and clubs among other things, with maps, videos, "audio walks" (i.e. listen while you walk), lots of photographs, and itineraries - your own, and pre-planned ones for the lazy traveller.

We're also told to expect downloadable updates to keep the guides up to date with new information, which is something the books - hugely popular as it stands - certainly can't do.

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