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Call of Duty 2 mod tools

Rockers tools TBC.

As promised, Activision and Infinity Ward have released a selection of mod tools for Call of Duty 2. You don't remember them promising? April 12th 2006, Grant Collier - "it's important to us to continue providing the content and tools that continue to deliver the type of Call of Duty action gamers crave". So there.

Anyway, the mod tool distribution contains a CoD2Radiant map editor, Maya plug-ins and a number of other utilities, some documentation and so on (yes, we're bluffing). It'll be enough to create maps for single or multiplayer, says Activision, although don't expect any support from anyone because this is strictly an unsupported release, despite all the bundled support, which is standalone support unconnected to real, ring-'em-up support. Got it?

So, mod-types, download away - and don't forget to check the readme file for more information. Because obviously you would otherwise, and it's definitely worth filling out the news story with that kind of instruction.