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Brothers in Arms downloads

Earned in Blood skirmishes.

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Time to get the bayonets out again, Brothers in Arms - you can download a trio of new skirmish maps for Earned in Blood on PC and Xbox. Arms' manufacturer Ubisoft released them yesterday evening as part of a 1.03 patch for the PC version (no word on what else it does) and as a downloadable Xbox Live update for those of you with that version.

The three maps are called Into the Farm, Across the March and Flanked from Above - the latter's a German one, apparently, set in a rural town in Normandy on D-Day. Played solo or co-operatively, it's about sorting out paratroopers as they descend.

Across the March, meanwhile, is said to be the biggest skirmish to date - playing as the Americans, you have to cross a marsh to reach a city and then sort out the Germans waiting there. Into the Farm, finally, is about dealing with anti-aircraft guns.

Earned in Blood, released last October, is the second BIA title from Ubi and Gearbox Software - with a third, Hell's Highway, due out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this Christmas.

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