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Serious Sam II for Xbox, PC

Developer attempts to break record for most enemies on screen. Roy Castle to supervise.

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Good news for those who like their FPS games fast, furious and featuring more enemies on-screen than there are third-person gangland adventures in development - Sam "Serious" Stone is back.

This autumn will see the launch of Serious Sam II for PC and Xbox, follow-up to the 2001 shooter. Okay, so there has been a PC expansion pack, PS2 and GameCube versions and even a GBA game since then, but SSII is the first fully-fledged sequel to the original game.

It'll feature the usual blend of frantic shooting action and smartarse wisecracks, but with a brand new engine, better visuals and improved gameplay.

"Our second generation Serious Engine allows us to create characters with over 100 times more detail than the last game," said Roman Ribaric, CEO of developer Croteam.

"This has allowed us to create huge, lush environments and even crazier enemies than before, without having to scale back the gameplay in any way.

"Gamers can rest assured that with the capabilities of our new engine, we're not only going to match the record we set with the first Serious Sam for the most enemies on screen at one time; we're going to surpass it," he added. Dedication, son, that's what you need.

Publisher 2K Games - a subsidiary of Take Two - will be showing Serious Sam II off at E3 in May, and we'll bring you more details then.

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