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Mother 3 GB Micro

Deluxe edition for Japan.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you trying to keep up with the progress of Mother 3's passage to Game Boy Advance will be pleased by the latest update to Shigesato Itoi's website on the subject: a Mother 3 Game Boy Micro deluxe package!

The special edition Micro features a Mother 3 faceplate, a copy of the game, and a Franklin Badge - one of the in-game items from Mother 2, better known to Westerners (and often as not the source of all this excitement) as Earthbound.

If you're Japanese, and a limited edition loving Japanese person at that, you can expect to find the Mother 3 package available in small quantities from March 1st, priced 18,000 yen (EUR 127 / GBP 86).

Perhaps even more exciting though is the way that the Famicomaniacs (to borrow one of their terms) at fansite Starmen.Net have taken it upon themselves to set up and maintain a running English translation of Itoi's Japanese language site. If there's a heaven, that is where these people are going.

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