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Outpost Kaloki X heads to Live

Manage your own space station.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

US developer NinjaBee has unveiled Outpost Kaloki X, one of the first games to appear in the Xbox 360 Live Arcade.

It's intergalactic fun for all the family as you take on the challenge of managing your very own space station, in a title which is said to combine a simple interface with the gameplay of "a deep strategy game."

Your main task is to keep the station running smoothly, and to ensure that your alien visitors are kept happy. It's a bit like being Captain Sheridan, basically, only without a wisecracking sidekick played by a poor man's Bruce Willis.

Each space station has a number of "spokes", such as social interaction, business, energy production, maintenance and defence. Most of these are there to earn you cash, but some are essential just to keep the station functioning.

There are two adventure stories to play through, comprising 25 levels, plus an addition 11 sandbox and scenario levels. A new downloadable story and more scenarios will be made available in the future, and, as with all Xbox 360 Live Arcade games, you'll be able to download a free trial version.

Outpost Kaloki X will be available from Xbox 360 launch day - November 22 in the US, December 2 in Europe and December 10 in Japan, don't you know. Oh yes, you do.

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