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Drive against Tiger Woods

He'll be in London Monday.

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Electronic Arts is bringing the real Tiger Woods to London on Monday to help promote the launch of the 07 version of his multiformat golf game.

The event's taking place at 10am BST on Monday, at a location that will be disclosed on the EA website that morning, and will see Tiger taking on celebrities, competition winners and a member of the public.

Playing through recreations of three par-three holes from famous courses around the world, Tiger and his fellow golfers will drive (well, tee off anyway) and then putt their way to marketing oblivion.

Members of the public will have one attempt to drive a famous fairway in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, and the player with the longest drive will go through to the final challenge.

You also might end up on Channel 4's T4, which is covering the event, and the likes of Vernon Kay, Ian Wright and Jodie Kidd will all be there, EA tells us.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is out this Friday, 22nd September, on PS2, PSP, Xbox and PC.

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