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Cartoon Network MMO coming

But not for a good while yet.

The Cartoon Network has signed a deal with Korean developer Grigon Entertainment to produce a new massively multiplayer online game.

It'll feature all your favourite characters, if you like that sort of thing, such as Mac and Bloo, Ben 10 and the Kids Next Door. The game will be free to download, but it seems you'll need to pay a subscription fee of some sort. New content will be added to the game over a period of years.

For those who aren't familiar with Grigon's work, their best known title is Seal Online, which is big in Japan. And China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea, as it happens.

There's no official title for the Cartoon Network MMO as yet, but they've got a while to think one up - it's not due out until spring 2008.

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