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Baito Hell 2000 heads west

D3 calls it WTF.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

D3Publisher is planning to bring Sony's bizarre mini-games compilation Baito Hell 2000 to the US on September 26th - and it's got a new name.

It's called WorkTimeFun, now, so obviously they're calling it "WTF" for short.

There are more than 30 mini-games in total, which see you chopping wood and playing baseball in cutesy style reminiscent of Nintendo's Warioware series, as you can see from the screenshots.

You might also remember it from from last year's Tokyo Game Show, where Sony showed it off next to Loco Roco.

Along with single-player modes, you'll also be able to join up in wireless ad hoc mode with up to four other people and take them on in some of the games.

Not content with that, apparently your success will eventually unlock real world functions for your PSP like a calculator, a world clock and, er, a flashlight. WTF indeed.

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