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King's Quest III remake released

VGA colour and everything. Coo.

A bunch of clever people from the Internet called Infamous Adventures have announced the release of a complete remake of Roberta Williams' King's Quest III.

Done in VGA colour "to match later Sierra releases" using a different engine, the King's Quest III remake features colour backgrounds, enhanced close up cut-scenes and dialogue pictures, original music and a new interface.

King's Quest III, originally released in 1986, was the first game in the Sierra On-Line series not to feature King Graham as the player character, and instead tells the story of Gwydion's journey back to Daventry having been kidnapped by naughty magician Manannan when he was little.

And yes I did just rip that bit off Wikipedia because I was only little when King's Quest III came out and I was probably more interested in Sticklebricks and hitting my sister in the face with the cat than trying to play computer games.

You can download the King's Quest III remake and read more about it, including system requirements (bad luck kids, you'll need a Pentium 166 and 32MB RAM!), over on Infamous Adventures' website.