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Firaxis podcast now available

Meier hints at new project.

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Civilization developer Firaxis has recorded a brand new podcast - and it's now available for download via the company website.

The focus of the podcast is on what it's like to make games for a living - and to playtest them, which, according to Firaxis's Tim McCracken, is like "the end scene from Clockwork Orange, where he's tied down, the torture scene... It's like that, but a little bit more interactive." [That wasn't the end bit. - Snooty Ed]

There's also a short interview with the legendary Sid Meier, who confirms that he's currently working on a brand new project: "We are always working on cool new stuff, that's part of the fun of being in this business - trying out new ideas and seeing what happens. And yes, we do have a very exciting new idea that we're working on behind those closed doors."

He won't reveal any details just yet, but "Hang around, maybe in a few months we'll be able to talk some more about it."

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