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Female clans launch protest

Against gaming beauty contest.

Two all-female gaming clans are protesting against a new beauty contest which they say could damage the way women gamers are perceived.

The winner of the Miss World Series Videogames contest will receive $1000, a contract to appear at all WSCG events, and will be featured in a forthcoming game. The only gaming-related entry requirement is that entrants state what their favourite game is.

Both the US Frag Dolls and the PMS clan are boycotting the contest - and have decided to hold their own Mr WSVG competition in protest.

"It's not really a videogamer [who'll be crowned]. It's a model," PMS co-founder Amber Dalton told US newspaper The Courier-Journal.

Ubisoft's Morgan Romine, who's in charge of marketing the US Frag Dolls, said it's important to "fight the perception that we're booth babes," adding: "We're gamers first. We felt that this [beauty contest] was threatening that."

In a post on the Frag Dolls' website, 'Valkyrie' also defended their position, writing: "What the heck is this crap? How is a Miss WSVG being crowned based on a beauty contest and has nothing to do with gaming?

"Why not re-evaluate this contest and do something that would make this event more positive, like have a real contest for girl gamers based on all things: a complete package that includes gaming skill and knowledge."

The WSVG aren't too happy with the ladies' antics - or the fact that they're planning to hold another Mr WSVG contest in Dallas to protest against the next Miss WSVG regional final. "If this happens, and in order to be fair, the WSVG may feel compelled to run another Miss WSVG competition as well," the company said in a statement.

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