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Monster Madness announced

4-player 3PS for PC, 360.

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Artificial Studios has announced that it's currently hard at work on Monster Madness, a third-person shooter for PC and Xbox 360. You'll find the first screenshot here.

The game uses a top-down perspective and will feature a co-operative mode for up to four players, online and offline. You'll play as one of four teenagers - Zack, Carrie, Andy and Jennifer - who decide to hold a party when their parents go out of town.

Unfortunately, it coincides with the invasion of an army of monsters, which includes zombies, imps, vampires and ghostly samurai. There are five different environments to fight your way through, including 'Surburban Nightmare', 'High School Hell' and 'The Shopping Mall', and weapons include shotguns, pistols and baseball bats.

You can earn new weapon parts by defeating enemies and exploring the environments, using them to build new weapons and upgrade your old ones. Plus you can equip vehicles with them, too.

We're promised top-notch physics which you can use to your advantage, creating barricades or chucking large objects at your enemies. And, naturally, some super-spanky graphics thanks to the Artificial's proprietary Reality Engine.

Work on Monster Madness is due to complete early next year, but Artificial has yet to find a publisher for the game. We'll keep you posted.

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