Monster Madness

Monster Madness

Monster Madness

Zombies ate my gameplay.

There's a moment in the first Charlie's Angels film, that underrated and (literally and figuratively) flab-less movie, when Drew Barrymore tumbles semi-naked from the sky into a suburban garden. Two young teenage boys are sat playing Final Fantasy VIII in the front room inside. As they catch sight of her unexpected curves through the double-glazing, the pair pause the game and stare, mouths agog, as this fallen angel slinks off into the night and their forthcoming puberty-soaked dreams.

It's unusual that Hollywood would choose this videogame to illustrate the scene for two reasons. Firstly because, y'know, it's not actually a two-player game and secondly because, regardless of Final Fantasy VIII's merits, a JRPG is probably not representative of what the average non-game playing movie-goer imagines a typical videogame to look and play like.

Despite Wii Sports' educational stabs at the mainstream consciousness, videogames remain, in the minds of the uninitiated populace, hyperactive experiences for kids with short attention spans. They're about little cartoony characters running about dementedly, killing one another in gruesome and repetitive ways. Ask the average Joe what happens in most videogames and they'll probably talk of running over zombies in big-wheeled cars, of maiming axe-murderers with sawn-off shotguns, hurled trash cans and big swords; of a juvenile symphony of camp destruction and brainless button-mashing.

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Monster Madness Q&A

Could pop up on Wii, PS3.

Those of you with Silver subscriptions to Xbox Live can now get your hands on the Monster Madness demo.

Monster Madness demo

On Live now. NOW.

A demo for Monster Madness has invaded Xbox Live today, gobbling the brains of all those who stood in its way. Like Tom. Horrible Tom.

SouthPeak dates UK offerings

Monster Madness, Two Worlds.

All good things come in threes, which must be why SouthPeak has announced UK release dates for The Con, Monster Madness and Two Worlds, each one month after the other.

Monster Madness US date

Suburban invasion in April.

Reports suggest that Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia will be released for Xbox 360 and PC on 3rd April, 2007. In America, anyway.

Monster Madness dated

Ghoul just have to wait.

SouthPeak Interactive has signed a deal to publish Artificial Studios' Monster Madness on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next February - with other titles to follow.

Monster Madness announced

Monster Madness announced

4-player 3PS for PC, 360.

Artificial Studios has announced that it's currently hard at work on Monster Madness, a third-person shooter for PC and Xbox 360. You'll find the first screenshot here.

The game uses a top-down perspective and will feature a co-operative mode for up to four players, online and offline. You'll play as one of four teenagers - Zack, Carrie, Andy and Jennifer - who decide to hold a party when their parents go out of town.

Unfortunately, it coincides with the invasion of an army of monsters, which includes zombies, imps, vampires and ghostly samurai. There are five different environments to fight your way through, including 'Surburban Nightmare', 'High School Hell' and 'The Shopping Mall', and weapons include shotguns, pistols and baseball bats.

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