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SouthPeak dates UK offerings

Monster Madness, Two Worlds.

All good things come in threes, which must be why SouthPeak has announced UK release dates for The Con, Monster Madness and Two Worlds, each one month after the other.

"At SouthPeak, we pride ourselves on the ability to sign up the very best games from around the world," said Melanie Mroz, executive vice president at SouthPeak Games. "Our next three UK releases are no exception." Right then.

Up first in March is The Con, a PSP fighting game based around gambling, letting you bet on the outcome of your brawls. We found the previously released American version to be a decent beat-'em-up, if a little far from revolutionary.

Still, Southpeak has promised to rework the title for its European appearance, taking on board all the feedback to enhance the game. You can read our thoughts elsewhere on the site.

Next up in April is Monster Madness for Xbox 360 and PC, possibly the best computer game in the world, ever. No returns. It's a comic book and b-movie inspired shooter, which pits four teenagers against a horde of undead nasties hell-bent on ruining suburbia.

It passes a striking resemblance to Zombies Ate My Neighbours, and will support co-op for four players and deathmatch for 16 people on Xbox Live. Scramble your way over to Eurogamer TV for the latest trailer, and make sure you avoid evil nay-sayers like Tom on the way.

Finally there's Two Worlds, a sprawling RPG for Xbox 360 and PC, which is due for release in May. The game boasts an epic storyline and freedom of choice, as well as a fancy MMORPG mode we expect to hear more about soon. Adventure your way over to our gamepage for more information.

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Monster Madness

Xbox 360, PC

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